Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bedroom Update

(no, I rarely make my bed any better than this)

I moved several years ago from a townhouse to the tiny house I have now.  Seriously, it's small.  About 900 square feet.  One day I'll show y'all my closet and you'll all feel sorry for me.  But anyway!  My old room had two windows, this one has only one, so I originally just hung one set of curtains, even though they were just a smidge narrow for the new window.  I found the other set of curtains the other day though, and decided to move the curtain rod from 1" away from the window edge to about 8", and hang BOTH curtain panels on the rod (am I making any sense here?).  What a HUGE difference it makes!  I wish I had done it two years ago.  Makes my bedroom window seem huge, and somehow my room is also much brighter.  LOVE!

And don't be jealous, but my son painted that super awesome painting hanging above my bed (and won a red ribbon for it!). 

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