Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fun Find - Target purse!

I swear I think half my wardrobe has come from Target.  Cheap and cute - that's the best shopping ever!!!  I was running around in there today (dog food and Oxyclean) and came across this super cute purse.  LOVE!!!  I'm a huge fan of anything vintage, and this totally has that vibe.

The ONLY reason this didn't come home with me was because the blue denim-y trim?  Leatherette.  It's super soft, but I wish it WAS actually denim.  I'm kind of a snob about fake leather.  I use my purses to death, and when the trim isn't leather, they start to look shabby too quickly.  And I'll buy some inexpensive faux-leather sandals from Target, but I'm not paying $50+ for faux-leather shoes that won't last, and don't breathe.  Yes, I'm a snob.  I know. 

This purse though?  So cute!!!!  I'm tempted to break my own rule.......maybe if it goes on sale!

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