Friday, June 3, 2011

My New Favorite Summer Dress!

I'm embarassed to admit this, but I wore this dress three times last week.  To different things, only my son knew (other than me), but still!  That's how much I love this dress though.  I wore it to school with sandals and a denim jacket, then with those orange sandals I showed you yesterday a few more times.  In my defense though, it was in the 90's here last week.  Summer has DEFINITELY showed up around Dallas!

(this is listed as $19.99 online, but it's still full price in stores)

I wear this with the waistband around my hips instead of around the waist.  Not sure if this is how it's SUPPOSED to be worn, but that's how it looks best on my figure (I have a bigger middle). 

I wish Old Navy would get better colors.  I think that color is what makes the difference between something that's expensive-looking, and something that looks cheap.  Old Navy tends to have less sophisticated colors.  They'd do well to look at stores like Anthro and even American Eagle.  They get their colors right.  I'd love to have this dress in another color, but the other two options are a weird light-brown and an orangy-red.  Did not look cute in the stores AT ALL.  This teal though?  A great summer color (and also the only color almost sold out). 

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  1. I love that color - just found a maxi dress in a similar shade earlier this week, and I love it. Perfect for warm sunny days! And, as a fellow mama, I do often wear the same thing several different days in the same week! If you see different people (or even if you see the same people) it's fun to have a new favorite!