Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cute Skirt Alert!

Arctic Gray Cord Mini Skirt $19.99 (on sale!)

Okay, so maybe a 17" long mini skirt isn't really something I would actually wear, but I soooooooo wish I had the legs for it.  And since some of you probably do, I figured I'd share.  I LOVE this skirt.  I think it would look super cute in the summer too as a swimsuit coverup (along with a tank top).  Yes, it's corduroy, but I think the gray color makes it more of a year-round style.  Well, that and the fact that it's short.  It comes in several other colors too and most of the sizes are still in stock.  Plus, you can't really go wrong, quality-wise, with anything from Land's End.  This particular skirt is from Land's End Canvas, which is a more luxe, trendy line (think JCrew or Ann Taylor).  It's definitely NOT your mom's Land's End.  Check out this super-cute scarf (also on sale!):

I'm a big fan of tie-dye.  Really.  It's probably some kind of sickness, but at least I can limit it to things like this scarf.  Knit scarfs like this one are great for taking along to the movies in the summer (or other places where it might be a little cool indoors).  I think this one is going to "accidently" end up in my mailbox in a few days........

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