Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So I love blogs.  LOVE them.  Almost as much as I love reading magazines.  Specifically fashion and lifestyle magazines.  The thing is: I'm a 38 year old mom who can't afford a $150+ shirt (or bowl, or set of sheets), and even if I could afford it, it probably wouldn't come in my size.  I'm not a size 6, or a size 26, I'm just your average 10/12.  Okay, I'll be honest here, most days I'm a 12.  But you get what I'm saying.  Regular size fashion usually stops at 12 and plus sizes start at a 14 (and even those are hard to come by), which leaves us 12's right smack in the middle.  Regular clothes aren't really made to fit us, and neither are plus sizes. I've found that the pricier the clothes, the more likely I am to like how they fit, but I've already said that I'm poor.  And honestly, I think EVERYONE no matter what their size or income level can admit that they're often frustrated by fashion and sizing.  But this is MY take on it.  In this blog I want to share cool things I've found that come in MY size and in MY price-range.  I'll probably also throw in cool things for the home here and there too (because accessories for your house ALWAYS fit).  Anyway, I hope you find something that appeals to you!

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