Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun Finds: Boho Bracelets

I'm the first to admit that my style has been described, more than once, as a little hippy-ish.  I love that boho look with tons of bracelets and necklaces, but sometimes it's hard to find ones that fit that casual, just off the beach, aesthetic.  Here are a few I've found that I LOVE (and remember, they're best when you wear them in multiples!):

Okay, I'll admit the last one is pretty pricy, but it's too pretty to leave off.  Plus, it's from Lucky Brand, and I'm a huge fan.  If I could only carry one brand of purse for the rest of my life it would either be Lucky or Fossil.  Please don't make me choose between them though!!!

ALSO!  If you love wearing TONS of funky bracelets and are really on a budget, I suggest hitting up an American Eagle store.  They have a much bigger selection in-store and are also always doing "buy one, get one half off" promotions.  Can't go wrong there!!

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