Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beauty Favorite: Nail Polish

I originally started wearing this waaaaaay back when I was called "Revamp".  Then they discontinued Revamp, and came out with this color, which I'm pretty sure is the same.  I was on a waiting list for THREE MONTHS after seeing this in a magazine because I just had to have it. It didn't dissappoint.  I LOVE this polish. Yes, it's $18 a bottle, but I've had my bottle for years and I wear it almost constantly on my toes. It goes on smoothly and has staying power, something I can't say of all the polish I've tried. Granted, you can't really tell there is red sparkle when looking at your toes from 5' away, but I still think it looks much sparklier than regular black. And I know there's red in there, and isn't that all that really matters??

This polish is hard to come by though, so if you want some of your own, grab it now while it's back in stock!!!! Once it's gone you might not get another chance (and I've looked for replacements with not much success).

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