Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I Want Now: Crossbody Bags

Does the need for something ever just come upon you like a hot flash (not that I've started having those yet, but I have friends who do and I'm not looking forward to it AT ALL)??  Something you didn't even know you needed yesterday but now is the only thing you can think of?  That has happened to me with crossbody bags.  And I mean the little ones, not the huge totes.  See, I'm a huge fan of big purses.  I want to be able to carry my wallet, my makeup bag AND my Nook Color all at the same time.  Plus I have a 11 year old who is forever saying "Here mom, hold this!"  But those big bags are a pain if you're spending the day at a festival, or flea market (or anywhere where you don't want to have to carry a bag).  So I've decided I need a small bag, and here are a few favorites I've found:

(Comes in several colors.  This is black metallic, which I have in a different Sak purse.  It's a COOL color!)

(The same purse as above, but in cream, on Zappos website.  Sadly, it's full-price there.)

(this is my favorite color for purses this year)

 Lucky Brand Mini Abbey Road Foldover Bag $139.00
(Lucky has the BEST details on their bags!)

(I love the hippy music festival vibe of this one.)

So many cute choices!  I'll probably either go with the last one (those butterflies are so cute!), or the white Sak one.  I'd REALLY like to have them all though.  Which one is YOUR favorite??

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