Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I Wore: May 1

Jeans:  Old Navy Skinnies
Top:  Anthropologie (from a few years ago)
Sweater:  Anthropologie
Shoes:  Lands End

I like this outfit.  I'm getting ready to go out for drinks in a little bit and might exchange the cardigan for a brown velvet blazer.  It's in the 50's here today!!!  I want my hot summer weather back!

So these rolled-up skinny jeans? Totally an inspiration from my fellow bloggers.  I have worn these jeans exactly once since I bought them last fall.  Mainly just because I didn't really know how to wear them.  I had a pair of platform booties that looked cute with them, but they just weren't "me".  I felt weird everytime I tried them on, so I returned them.  I like these pants with flats though.  And I have a pair of wedges on the way to me in the mail that they'll look cute with.  So now?  I'm kind of diggin' em!  Thanks guys!!

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