Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Finds! (non-fashion version)

I'm getting COMPLETELY off-topic with today's post, but these things were just too cute not to share:

(Why are vintage cars so much cuter than the ones we have today?  Mini Coopers not included.)

(Make sure your pet comes home AND much cuter than the traditional metal tags! My favorite is the orange gingham)

Okay, so I know it's lame, but I just have two things today.  It's my blog though and I can do what I want, right?!  :)  I've just had too much to do to haunt the internets like I usually do.   Which, I'm sure, is something everyone can relate to.   I'm definitely looking forward to school being out - two more weeks and I have a 6th grader!  Eek!!!  I discovered a YouTube search on my computer today for "how to kiss a girl for the first time".  Scary.  11 year old boys are scary.  I'm sure there are lots of you who can relate to that too. 

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