Sunday, May 15, 2011

My weekend:

This is my bed and I love it very much.  I could definitely do with a new mattress (those commercials that talk about the age of your mattress?  Gross!), but I love my sheets and pillows.  On Friday night I decided to go to my storage unit and drag out my sewing machine.  I haven't even SEEN it in two years, so it was about time to get reaquainted.  The two yellow pillows in the front are what I made yesterday.  The smaller one with the blue trim has a small travel pillow inside that my son brought me from his room (it was missing it's case so I confiscated it for my own), and the larger stripey one has a 14" pillow form inside.  The two actual pillow cases are Martha Stewart from Macy's (last year) and the "sweet dreams" pillow case is a white vintage pillowcase I bought from ebay, then embroidered the design on.  I have a second case that I'll get around to embroidering "good night" on one of these days.

**Interesting trivia:  my bedroom set is the same one that Jake has on "Two and a Half Men".

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