Monday, May 2, 2011


I'm seriously obsessed with this app.  I've had it a few months now, but was having a hard time entering in my clothing.  I figured out, though, that using my "real" camera rather than my iphone really helped.  It's a pain, but once you've got your clothes in the system it's great!  Here are some screen shots from my Stylebook:
This is your main closet, and where you add or remove items.

Here's what the "looks" look like.  Kind of like Polyvore, but with things you already own!
 And here is your calendar.  I love the tiny outfits on each day.  So cute!!

Tips for this app:
  • If you purchase something online, use the online picture for your Stylebook picture because it usually is photographed much better than you can do yourself (professional lighting is awesome!).  Often, it will also be on a white background while will allow you to "clip" the background super-easy.  I just download the image to a folder on my desktop, then email it to myself.  Easy-peasy.
  • If you have to photograph your own outfits, photograph them in the brightest room in your house on a white background.  I use the back of my bedroom door with ALL the lights on in my room.  For shoes I just sit them on my white comforter. 
  • You can enter notes for both outfits and individual pieces of clothing.  I like to add both the store I bought the item at, plus the date and price.  No real reason for this, I just like knowing that kind of stuff.
  • You can also add inspirational pictures to give you ideas on outfits.  I like to save some of my favorite outfits from my fellow bloggers and email them to myself to add to my app.  It's fun to look at when I'm stumped on what to wear. 
This app is seriously addictive.  Don't blame me because I warned you!!


  1. This reminds me of Cher's closet in clueless - I can't believe we're seeing the day where you can totally catalog your closet on your phone!!

  2. If only ours would rotate (and be as full as hers!) Sadly enough I don't think I have an entire month's worth of different outfits. lol