Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thinking about home design

I've lived in my house for about 2 years now.  I moved from a 1200 sq. ft. townhouse into a much smaller 900 sq. ft. home in the woods.  It's tiny, but plenty of room for my son and me (along with our 2 dogs, cat, rabbit, and 2 turtles--yes, that's excessive).  The problem is, there's no storage, and our furniture was purchased with a much larger house in mind.  I've been thinking of solutions to my design delimma, and short of calling Nate Berkus, here's what I've come up with:

This is all from Ikea, mainly because I can't afford Pottery Barn.  Is it crazy to want white couches?  These are slipcovered though, and therefore washable.  I love washable things.  I love the idea that I can just whip these babies off and throw them in the washing machine.  Plus, Ikea sells covers, so if they get too bad I can always buy more.  So that's not TOO crazy, right??  I'd like to paint the walls a light blue-gray, and accent the couches with bright pillows and art.  My house has really deep porches, so it tends to be very dark inside, so I think I just want something that looks bright and clean.  All my current furniture is dark.  I'm sick of it.  Now, if I could only convince my family to buy me Ikea gift cards!  I keep asking, and they keep coming up with reasons why they won't.  Anyone have a solution to that??

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