Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beauty Favorite: Mascara

I'm super picky about mascara.  I like it best when it's a little old and thick, and I like it to go on much like a drag queen probably does.  I like my mascara!  Consequently, when I find one I like I stick with it forever (or unti it disappears like Max Factor 1000 lashes did).  Really, any of the Voluminous line is fine, but I especially like the Carbon Black.  I'm not sure it's much different than the regular black, but the name makes it SEEM darker and more, well, slutty, than the regular.  Also, I HATE waterproof mascara.  Hate the stuff.  It doesn't come off and I want all my makeup off my face before bed.  I could be completely falling-down drunk (not that that's ever happened before-heh heh) and will still take my makeup off before I pass out  go to sleep.  ANYWAY!  Sorry about the rant but I really do love this mascara.  And I'm nothing if not loyal.

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