Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stamp Love!

Is this weird that I'm writing about stamps??  I've been in love with this particular set for a few years now.  To the point that if I was going to get married or have a fancy party I would completely design my entire theme around these stamps:
I love that they're still available.  I had several books a few years ago, but decided that stamps probably were not good items to hoarde, especially since the price of postage isn't exactly stable.  BUT!!!  Come May, there will also be THESE stamps available:

So pretty!!!  And definitely not electric/water/credit card bill worthy.  I'm jealous of all you lucky-ducks who get to mail out invitations.  That's almost as sad as being excited that my little town is getting a new grocery store.  But hey, sometimes it IS the little things.  Right? 

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