Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beauty Favorites: Lipgloss!

I'm really more of a carmex girl (the squeeze tube, preferrably strawberry), but when I want to be "fancy" I always go for this lipgloss:

(this is not my color - I use bronze beauty, which is similar to my own lipcolor)

I first stumbled upon this lipgloss in a birthday freebie a few years ago (did you know that they give birthday gifts to their beauty insiders?  All you have to do it sign up!!  Lots of great perks!).  The set came with three small glosses, perfect to throw in a pocket, and the Bronze Beauty color was my favorite.  It's just a touch of color - not enough to make me feel self-conscious wearing it, but enough to be pretty.  All three colors were great actually, so I'm pretty sure you couldn't go wrong with any of their THIRTY different shades.  Plus, it's $10.  I'm still using my original little gift tube (although I do keep a full-size tube in my makeup kit too). 

Did you know that Sephora also has little boutique stores in many JC Penney stores? 

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