Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily Style: April 19

Dress:  Dillards (junior section!)
Jacket:  Urban Ourfitters (4-5 years ago)
Shoes:  Target (last year)
Purse: the Sak

This is my everyday purse and I LOVE it.  It holds everything under the sun, plus is one of those convertible types where the top folds over and you can use the long strap.  Perfect for shopping!  I carry an eReader everywhere I go (Nook Color!) so I need a purse that it will fit into, along with my wallet and my little caryall bag (I'll have to show that sometime--very handy!).  Plus, it's an amazing color--it's more of a metallic black than a regular flat black.  Very cool.  Was definitely a good purchase!

I think I need to work more on accessories.  I feel like that's what I'm missing with my outfits.  I tend to stick with the same necklace and earrings every single day, with maybe just adding a bracelet or two.  I never wear any rings.  I don't know why.  I'm also thinking I need shoes that aren't quite so flat.  Things to work on!!!

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