Monday, April 18, 2011

Daily Style: April 18

Dress:  Target
Tank:  Old Navy
Shoes:  Land's End (from several years ago)

Hmmm.......I don't hate this outfit, but seeing it in pictures makes me realize I probably won't be grabbing it for a date.  Not exactly the most flattering outfit in my closet for sure.  But to be fair, the places where I look chubby are places where I'm ACTUALLY chubby.  It's me, not the dress.  I also think that I could have sized down in this dress too.  I also like it MUCH better without the tank underneath, but I wore it to school today, so it had to be appropriate.  It's a little busty without the tank, but lays much better.

Can we talk about Old Navy tanks for a minute?  I love them.  They're a staple in my wardrobe, but they also frustrate the hell out of me.  One year they are thick with shallow armholes (like this year) and other years they are thin and way too long with deep armholes and stretch out WAY too much when worn.  Can't we find a happy medium people and stick with it?  I like medium weight with deep-ish armholes and little longer, but not super-long.  Thin would be nice too but those might be the ones that stretch out like crazy.  Are you listening Old Navy people?!

Also, I love these shoes.  They aren't the best shoes with this outfit, but at school I like my feet to be warm, and I think sandals can be a little TOO bare/casual with a dress.  I got these a few years ago at a clearance sale for about $14.  I wish I had bought them in every color available because they are super comfortable and I get a ton of compliments on them.  They don't even carry anything similar now and it's sad.  :(

All in all I can do better on the outfit front.  Luckily, tomorrow is another day!! 

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