Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trend to Try: Wide Belts

My "problem area" has lately become my stomach.  Not my gut, or even really around my waist, but the part between my breasts and belly button.  It's weird!  Consequently, I don't wear many fitted things.  And dresses/shirts that fit snug in that area aren't really very flattering.  I've discovered though, that the trend of wearing wide belts right across that area might be a good one for me to try.  Just smoosh the offending area down with a belt.  Genius! (and yes, I know that wearing spanx would probably work too, but I'm a single girl and I don't think a hot date outfit should probably include something as un-sexy as spanx, plus?  it's Texas and spanx are hot!)

Here are some really cool belts I've found:

(this one has a small stretchy area across the back)

My mission this week is to test out this theory.  I think I'll hit Dillards, grab a belt on the way in from the belt section (right by the purses - my weakness!) then head upstairs to the dresses.  Maybe take a few I already own to try them out on.  I promise I'll take pictures!!!

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