Saturday, April 16, 2011

I need this!

Okay, maybe need is too strong of a word.  Want is really what I mean.  Seriously though, I think this is the perfect summer tote/purse. 

I saw this yesterday in the store and loved it, but the $39.50 price tag put me off a little.  Unfortunately, there was also not a sign showing that it was on sale.  Actually, that might have been a good thing since it would have ended up coming home with me.  This would match everything, plus is large enough for most of the stuff you haul around everyday AND be sturdy and washable (it's made of canvas, there's no reason you can't throw it in the washing machine).  Being a mom, and having a million summer-time activities, I like the idea of a summer purse I can take everywhere and not worry about it getting dirty like my good leather purses.  Sure, this one isn't fancy, but it's definitely cute and you can always switch it out with a different one for a night out!

Okay--I just checked the website closer and it's apparently only on sale on-line.  Shipping is $7.00, but you can return your items to the store if you change your mind, which is always handy.  I really haven't figured that out yet--why stores have huge online sales but don't put the same merchandise on sale in their stores.  I think the price should be the same across the board, but then again, maybe their "people" know something I don't about marketing. 

I think I'll personally wait to see if this goes on sale in the store.  $7.00 isn't really all that much for shipping, but for a $12.00 item it seems a bit steep. 

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